1. We are a GameChainger tech company focusing on creating easy-to-use end user applications for consumers.
  2. A person using email does not have to know how the underlying Internet protocols work. The reason today’s blockchain-based end user applications receive some critique is because they have not yet been able to abstract away all the complexity from end users.
  3. We enable our customers to create beautiful things by exploiting the disruptive potential of distributed ledger technology (aka Blockchain).
  4. You can create new digital artefacts and group them into exclusive collections with a click and a simple visual interface, you can publish them on our galleries but also distribute them on all major marketplaces worldwide.
  5. All the NFTs purchased can then be put up for sale immediately in a secure, simple and fast way. NFTs are bringing artistic authenticity and exclusivity to the digital world opening endless possibilities in this reality and all the other metaverses.


Our team includes savvy entrepreneurs in the media and digital space and tech industry experts.


We bring decades of experience to a growing company.

Marco Corradino

Founded Volagratis.com, the first metasearch for low cost flights in Italy and the foundation for what was to become Bravofly Rumbo Group and subsequently lastminute.com group, public on the Sixt market in Switzerland

Daniele Menci

After almost 10 years as General Manager at Sony Music Italy, he spent the last two years starting up independent labels, building new revenues sources for the industry, advising top artists in Italy (Salmo, Ultimo, Eros, Alessandra Amoroso, Shiva) and top companies (FCA, Eventim group, Campari).

Pietro Gorgazzini

Founder of video content agency Madfish, 3d technology startup Primis Group and blockchain enabler Spartan Tech. TEDx Speaker and digital mentor for Mediolanum sustainable digital bank Flowe.

Federico Blundo

After spending 4 years at Bain & Company (working for PE, Telco, FS and Media clients), he joined lastminute.com as Product Manager, setting up what is today the main R&D Product Team of the company, focused on building the next travel search platform experience.

Our investors bring more than capital; they bring experience and relevant insights


Aser Ventures’ ambition is to be the leading global investment platform in sports, media and entertainment. Aser Venture marry investment with deep market expertise, making them uniquely placed to drive value for their partners, portfolio companies and their end users.

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